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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Well, the tricky thing about trolley tracks is that they are slippery. Meaning, if you try to balance on them, you run the risk of slipping. You might even lodge your shoe, or even your bare foot, in between the track and cobblestone. And then how will you cook dinner? Or catch the next train? With your foot lodged in between the track and cobblestone like that. How will you make it to work on time? Now I’m getting chatty. But what else is there to do when your foot’s stuck? Other than talk? I pretend that I am you when I write. After all, the backs of heads all look the same as they pass you by. And I create stories about them in order to forget my foot that’s stuck between the track and cobblestone! Writing the story of backs of heads passing me by until I understand that there’s no story at all - whatsoever. How tempting.

written by Shawn McNulty-Kowal

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