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Florek And Angel

The end of summer. Swimming pools in cup holders — hot cars. Angel and Florek talk before falling asleep every night. Angel is much younger than Florek, who has lived in Chicago for more than 50 years. Angel graduated university. Florek just turned eighty years old last August. A Leo, baby. A lion. 

Angel: Bonjour.

Florek: I can’t hear you.

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: I can’t—

Angel: I just said Hello in French.

Florek: I just sat down with a glass of wine.

Angel: What kind of wine?

Florek: I can’t hear you, darling.

Florek immigrated to Chicago from Poland when he was about Angel’s age, who just turned twenty-two, four months ago. Happy belated, Gemini.

Angel: I miss you.

Florek: I just finished reading a book on the life story of Nina Simone. 

Angel: How did you—

Florek: I read it every night. I fall asleep with it in my arms.

Angel: I’m happy you like it so much.

Florek: I love you. I want to show my love to you.

Angel: I love you too, Florek.

Florek: I know you do, boy. You can stay here anytime. 

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: I can’t hear you. 

Angel: I didn’t say anything.

Florek: No one will ever love you the way I love you.

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: I pray for you every night. Of course, you have my father’s rosary beads. Do you pray for me, Angel?

Angel: I pray for you, Florek. 

Angel doesn’t pray for him like he says he does. But he says he does.

Florek: I want to drink wine with you.

Angel: Soon enough.

Florek: When will you be coming back to Chicago?

Angel: Sometime during the winter.

Florek: I want to drink wine and pour it from my lips to your lips.

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: I want to drink wine—

Angel: That’s not how you drink wine, Florek [laughter].

Florek: [Laughter].

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: [Silence]

Angel: Are you okay?

Florek: Sure, I’m okay. Lack of opportunity. Anyway.

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: The weather here has been awful. Oh my god. Tornadoes everyday.

Angel: Really?—

Florek: I want to show you my love. I want to make love to you, Angel.

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: Have you met somebody in Paris?

Angel: No boys [laughter].

Florek: [Laughter] No boys!

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: You know something, Angel? God brought us together for a reason, didn’t he? Oh, I love you so much, Angel. From the moment we met. We met and it was electric, really. It really was. Wasn’t it?

Angel: It was electric.

Florek: I want you in my arms, Angel.

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: You know we’ve never really kissed. Have we?

Angel: [Silence]

Florek: I want to make love to you, Angel. I want you inside of me.

Angel: Florek.

Florek: What?

Angel: Are you okay?

Florek: You’ve asked me that.

Angel: You’re a good friend, Florek.

Florek: You don’t know anything about me.

Angel: I’m sorry—

Florek: I’m sad, Angel.

Angel: Florek—[digresses]

Florek: […]

Angel: Florek?

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